We see this effort as connected to a legacy of settlers organizing for Indigenous liberation, and to an ongoing project of investing in movements for land, water, futures, and communities. These communities are hit hardest by COVID-19 because of the history of settler colonialism, extractive colonialism, and border imperialism. COVID-19 is one wave in a long history of injustice and genocide. Water has been diverted from Indigenous communities to supply major US cities on the west coast. Coal extracted from these communities powers those cities, while devastating the land, water, and air. People have been forcibly displaced, driven out of their homes, separated from their families, and dispossessed not only in the distant past, but continuously into recent years, weeks, and days. 


Throughout that time, people have organized for liberation. Throughout that time, those who benefit from white supremacy and settler colonialism have organized in solidarity and accountability partnership. Beyond this stimulus fundraiser, SURJ-Abq is organizing an Honor Native Land Tax project as part of that legacy, aiming to redistribute resources from those who benefit to those who are harmed by settler colonialism. Inspired by The Shuumi Land Tax, The Manna-hatta Fund, and Real Rent Duwamish, and in conversation with global movements for reparations, repatriation of Indigenous lands, and land return, this project is a material next step to accompany land acknowledgement. It is a chance to divest from settler colonialism and invest in Indigenous futures, land, water, and air. In this effort, we are building toward accountability partnership with Pueblo Action Alliance and The Red Nation by fundraising for their liberation and anti-extractive work, as well as collaborating in other ways. 


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