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The Honor Native Land Tax (HNLT) is a project of Albuquerque Showing up for Racial Justice (ABQ SURJ). The Honor Native Land Tax fundraises money in order to provide ongoing, no-strings-attached financial support to Indigenous organizations on Tiwa Land (also known as “Albuquerque”). Specifically, HNLT is investing in Pueblo Action Alliance and The Red Nation. By redistributing resources from settlers (those who benefit from settler colonialism) to Indigenous people (those who are harmed by settler colonialism), the HNLT offers a chance for settlers to make an ongoing contribution to Indigenous movements for land, water, and futures. This is a cross-class project that allows people to contribute financially on a sliding scale basis.  In doing so, settlers are able to move towards a right relationship with Indigenous peoples.

ABQ SURJ has designed a calculator to help you think about your relationship to money and the land you’re on in a way that empowers you to make a meaningful contribution. Calculate your tax here.


If you want to help in fundraising for the HNLT see our HNLT Fundraising Toolkit!


We know that fundraising can be intimidating, and for some people it stirs up complicated thoughts and emotions. However, fundraising can also be an impactful tool for rallying support for movements and community efforts, and for redistributing wealth. We at ABQ SURJ have made this Toolkit to help you work through your relationship to money, craft a request, identify potential funders, and come up with a strategy to amplify the Honor Native Land Tax.

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