A Pledge to Share Cash for Indigenous Futures and Collective Liberation

Recognizing the devastating impact COVID-19 is having particularly in Native Communities, but also for Immigrant and other BIPOC Peoples across so-called New Mexico, volunteers from SURJ Abq are working to fundraise for The Red Nation, Pueblo Action Alliance, Navajo and Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund,  Encuentro NM, The All African Peoples Revolutionary Party of New Mexico and Albuquerque Mutual Aid. Click "Learn More" below for more info on each group. We're reaching out to our friends and family members and asking them to donate some or all of their stimulus checks to organizations leading important work to provide mutual aid or emergency funds to people most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone has been impacted in this moment, and we’re asking those whose livelihoods have been less affected to give in solidarity with those most impacted by COVID-19.


Showing Up for Racial Justice Albuquerque believes that no human being is free until every single one of us is free from all forms of oppression, such as racism, colonization, sexism, ableism, classism, and transphobia. It is the responsibility of white people to find what our own stake is in dismantling white supremacy so that we are acting from a place of shared interest, not from a place of charity or guilt. Redistributing wealth that is owed to communities of color and poor and working-class communities is one way to start, particularly given the grave impacts that white supremacy has in creating health disparities in addition to limiting access to healthcare systems, government financial support and other resources that impede Native and Immigrant Communities’ ability to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.


SURJ Abq’s COVID-19 Response is an outgrowth of our ongoing work towards an Honor Native Land Tax. The organizations we are partnered with in the HNLT are actively involved in COVID-19 relief efforts. You can learn more about the HNLT in the "About" section and we hope you will back this effort when the most dire needs of the pandemic have been addressed.

If you're waiting on your stimulus check before you donate, that's ok! We can follow up with you after you sign the pledge. If you're ready to donate, you can do that now, or donate after you sign the pledge.