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A Pledge to Contribute


The Honor Native Land Tax is a project that redistributes wealth from settlers to Indigenous-led organizations in so-called New Mexico and we’re gearing up to launch soon! In the meantime and with Things-taken (also known as “Thanksgiving”) just around the corner, it’s time to reflect on this holiday’s violent history and all of the things we as settlers gain from living on stolen land. This year, as you engage your family and community in critical conversations about settler colonialism, #LandBack, and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, we invite you to sign this pledge to contribute to the Honor Native Land Tax!


By signing the pledge, you will be joining a growing community of people committed to dismantling settler colonialism and white supremacy. Making this promise to contribute to the HNLT now will help us all stay accountable to each other as we build toward Indigenous liberation. Even though it's a collective effort, your contribution will be based on your personal relationship to stolen land, water, air, coal, gas, and other resources. We’ve created a tool to help you quantify this relationship for your future contribution. 


Thank you for signing and sharing this pledge! You will be notified as soon as the HNLT is accepting contributions,



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